4 Incredible Benefits of Selling a Home Fast for Cash

Sell A Home Fast

Selling your home through the traditional realtor route can be frustrating and stressful. You may have to prepare your home for sale as well as wait for months on end for potential buyers. To cap it off, you have to part with a portion of the proceeds as agent fees. All the more reasons why more homeowners now prefer to sell a home fast through direct sales.

The 2019 annual survey report by the National Association of Realtors shows that over 11% of house transactions were through For Sale by Owner (FSBO) basis. While it may seem crazy at first to ditch the realtor, home sales without agents provide fantastic privileges that most people do not know. Here are four reasons why you should consider selling your home fast for cash in Daytona, FL.

1. You Receive the Full Amount

Most homeowners looking forward to selling their homes end up appalled by the sheer number of upgrades and renovations that real estate agents recommend. Some of the repairs are expensive, with no guarantee for any return on the investment. Cash for homes allows home sellers to eliminate the need to undertake renovations that add no value to the property. You also save on the 3-6% commission service charge typical for realtors. Besides, no professional photography and staging fees are needed to get your home off the market.

2. No Worries About Your Home’s Condition

Real estate agents usually recommend renovations to make the property more appealing to potential buyers. When you sell a home fast for cash, you do not have to worry about the house’s condition. You only need to give the cash buyer a quick walkthrough of your property, and they will provide an instant, fair valuation of your property. Selling a home on an ‘as-is’ basis makes it an excellent option for beneficiaries intending to dispose of an inherited house.

3. Enjoy a Faster Closing Process

The 2019 NAR report also showed that properties on the market took approximately 65 to 94 days from listing to closing. The period may increase if you have to update a home or conduct whole-house remodels. Conversely, home sales without an agent were complete with two weeks or less. You can also prefer to sell a home fast in Daytona through cash buyers, completing the process within a week. Most cash home buyers will give you the liberty of choosing a closing date that you are comfortable with.

4. You Are More Likely to Close the Deal

Anyone that has sold a home before knows the frustration of having a prospective buyer pull out of the deal. From unapproved or delayed mortgages to unforeseen ‘hunches,’ buyer gimmicks can have your property on the market for months. Daytona cash for homes makes the deal less likely to fall through as the investor provides an instant, reasonable cash offer. You can also ask for proof of funds before continuing to engage the buyer.

You can enjoy endless possibilities when you decide to sell a home fast for cash. A house sale without an agent provides you with a fast turnaround with instant access to the much-needed money. If you wish to sell your house for cash in Daytona, please reach out to Daytona West.

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