Can I Trust Real Estate Investment Firms?

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You may be thinking about alternative ways of selling your house for multiple reasons. Maybe your house has been on the traditional market in Florida for months and hasn’t seen any traction. Despite the fact that Florida is the fourth most populous state in the United States, there are still many people who struggle to sell their homes on the traditional market. Perhaps you need your house to sell more quickly than you would typically expect in your area.

Even if a house has issues that keep it from hitting the ground running in a traditional Florida market, you can sell it quickly. In fact, you can know with certainty that a house is going to sell quickly if you sell it to a buyer that offers cash for homes. But if you’ve never sold a house to a real estate investment company, you may not feel certain that the process is legitimate. That’s what we’re exploring today.

Is Selling a House for Cash Legitimate?

Perhaps you’ve never sold a home to cash for home buyers before; if you’re used to waiting for buyers to be approved for mortgages, you may understandably be concerned about selling to real estate investors. However, it’s very much legal and indeed increasingly common for buyers to use cash to buy houses in full. In fact, buying a house with cash is in many ways preferable to buying a house with a traditional mortgage, for both the buyer and the seller.

On the buyer’s end, being able to produce cash in full means skipping over the weeks-long process of being approved for a mortgage. Additionally, these buyers don’t need to be worried about having the credit histories necessary for approval, as they won’t be taking out a loan in the first place. This is additionally great for the seller, as they can sell the house more quickly and can know that there is much less of a chance of the buyer falling through.

Why Should I Sell to Professional Real Estate Investors?

There are a lot of buyers that offer cash for homes that function as professional real estate investors. If you want to sell a home for cash, you’ll want to make sure that the buyer actually has cash in hand and is ready to go. You can trust companies that invest in homes professionally to have full cash payments ready.

Conversely, if you are approached by individual buyers offering cash for homes, you may have reason to be skeptical. Few people have the cash available to buy homes outright themselves, at least on an individual level. If they do, it’s more likely that they’ll back out for individual reasons. Professional companies are committed to buying homes for cash, as this is how they make their profits.

Why Are Houses Bought for Cash?

So, you may wonder why homes are bought for cash by real estate investing firms in the first place. Quite often, houses are bought for cash for flipping purposes. When a home is bought for cash, the buyers will frequently quickly improve the home through renovations and updates and then sell it for a profit. This is why homes that are bought for cash are often bought for somewhat less than they might be sold on the traditional market. However, the sellers are still able to get their payments in full much faster, are guaranteed their payment, and additionally do not need to worry about paying real estate agent fees.

When a house is sold to a buyer offering cash for homes, the sellers also do not need to make improvements first. These improvements are often expensive and time-consuming, taking away from both the sale’s time frame and the seller’s overall income. Real estate investing firms take care of these improvements themselves. This ensures that they can flip a house according to their own time frame and specifications.

There are so many reasons why selling a house to a real estate investment firm is a good idea. When a house is being sold to a real estate investment firm, you’ll know the time frame under which the sale is occurring, and exactly how much you’ll be getting. If you need to sell quickly and efficiently, there is no better choice to make.

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